Growing responsibility

We strive to be a successful company acting with social responsibility and in harmony with natural resources and global climate. Only with a consistent focus on running our business responsibly and sustainably can we help secure our future and create added value for all – our customers, employees, shareholders, business partners and the environment.

How our businesses contribute

Our core businesses are helping make tomorrow’s energy world more sustainable. Our energy networks are where the transition to a low-carbon energy supply is happening: they integrate renewables, connect producers and consumers, and deftly manage complex energy flows. Our customer solutions help customers of all kinds use energy more efficiently, produce their own renewable energy, and thus reduce their carbon footprint.

How we operate

We consider the impact of everything we do. We work continually to minimize our impact on the climate and environment, to comply with laws and our own policies, and to respect human rights. We also want to partner with our employees, customers, and other stakeholders to create value.

Sustainability report 2018

Our reports

Comprehensive information about the sustainability activities we conducted and the progress we made at E.ON.

Our Facts and Figures

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