#onedaywith Jessica Schreiber

Jessicas Mission: network stability

Life (and electricity) is live. A day in the life of Jessica Schreiber.


#onedaywith Peder Berne

The integrator

Experience the smart city of tomorrow. Follow us.

#onedaywith Danny Morgan

Let there be light

Danny Morgan talks about solution management at E.ON.

#onedaywith Frank Scholtka

Howdy, Texas!

Renewable energy in the land of unlimited possibilities. 

Our action areas

Energy solutions

We are using innovative solutions to shape a sustainable energy world.

re power
home energy

Custom- ers

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Employ- ees

Changes to the world of work offer new opportunities – and pose new challenges.

eon eautos

Environ- ment

We are expanding the use of renewables and helping our customers save energy.

In focus - Sustainability

Rampion am Horizont

We all win

Sustainable management means more than just a responsible approach to using resources. It means an increase in efficiency that adds value to our company and will benefit all of us, whether you are a customer, employee, shareholder, business partner or a social stakeholder.

In focus - Sustainability

Rampion am Horizont

Sustainability report

Sustainability report

Sustainability report

Facts and figures of 2016

Comprehensive information about the sustainability activities we conducted and the progress we made at E.ON.

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