Strategy and goals

Partner for the New Energy World

Your partner for the new energy world

We’re focused on the new energy world. A world that comprises empowered and proactive customers, renewables, energy efficiency, local energy systems, and digital solutions. By seizing the initiative, we can – for the benefit of our customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, and society in general – take advantage of the significant opportunities created by this new energy world.

Our strategy reflects three fundamental market developments: the global trend towards renewables (particularly wind and solar energy), the evolution of energy networks into a platform for distributed energy solutions, and customers’ changing needs. We aim to add value in all our businesses by delivering an outstanding performance in these key areas. That’s why we’re so committed to continual innovation, sustainability and creating a strong brand.

Goals and business areas

Our portfolio comprises energy networks, renewable energy and individual customer solutions. With these three areas as our core competencies, we are well-positioned for the changes the future will bring.

 Goals and Business Areas

Energy networks

Intelligence meets efficiency.

Amongst talk about green energy production, the contribution of the energy networks can sometimes be overlooked. But we believe that intelligent networks form the indispensable backbone of the new decentralized, digital and renewable energy world. So, through our energy networks, customers can not only buy climate-friendly power, but they can also sell back the surpluses of their own green electricity generation.

Indeed, we offer our customers a variety of innovative energy services – far more than anyone might think. This includes flexible demand management, virtual power plants, electric mobility and efficient storage solutions.

 Energy networks

Overview of our energy networks:

  • More than 1 million kilometers of energy networks in Europe - that would wrap 25 times around the Earth
  • One third of all renewable capacity in Germany is connected to E.ON networks
  • We are one of the most efficient network operators in Germany, as well as in many other European countries
  • We are involved in ENSURE and InterFlex, the major German and European projects for tomorrow's energy industry
 Customer solutions

Customer solutions

No need to wish upon a star

We know what our customers want. That's why we're always looking for new ideas and technical innovations that can bring you an energy advantage. And together, we can develop tailor-made energy solutions.

Not only do we supply you with electricity and reliable gas supplies, we can also offer a wide range of services that enable you to conveniently keep your energy supply independent. And alongside energy efficiency advice, we offer solar, battery, heating systems and lighting concepts for added value.

Save money and protect the environment

With our individually tailored energy concepts, we help companies of all sizes optimize their energy consumption, even across several sites. We take the worry out of your energy supply, so that you can focus on your core business.

For cities and communities where climate change and energy efficiency are of the highest priority, we can plan and develop modern and sustainable energy infrastructure. We offer solutions from renewable energy, local heating and cooling, electromobility, district heating, to energy-efficient buildings and intelligent grids.

Overview of customer solutions:

  • More than 1 million kilometres of energy networks in Europe – these could wrap 25 times around the Earth.
  • One third of all renewable capacity in Germany is connected to E.ON networks.
  • We are one of the most efficient network operators in Germany, as well as in many other European countries.
  • We are involved in ENSURE and InterFlex, the major German and European projects for tomorrow's energy industry.

Renewable energy

Our actions speak for themselves – and our commitment to the future is stronger than ever. We are the first major European energy company to focus entirely on the new energy world.

Unlike other companies, we have the expertise to shape energy supply and to make contributions to climate protection. By 2025, 80% of our installed capacity will come from renewable sources.

With the use of state-of-the-art technologies and the development of our wind and solar farms, we use renewable energy as efficiently as possible.

As such, we are ranked third in the world in offshore wind energy. In 2015 alone, we launched two large wind farms in the North Sea. And our aim is to continue that growth, today and tomorrow.

 Renewable energy

Renewables at a glance:

  • Since 2007, we have invested more than €10 billion in renewable energy.
  • 13TWh of electricity has been generated from renewable energies in 2016 - enough to supply about 3 million households.
  • More than 2500 wind turbines have been commissioned on land and at sea.
  • Solar parks with a total capacity of more than 174 MW have been installed.


In addition to our three core business segments, our portfolio also includes activities in the field of German nuclear energy. This is not a strategic business area of E.ON, and therefore it is controlled by a separate operating unit, PreussenElektra, based in Hanover. E.ON will ensure the safe and cost-efficient dismantling of power plants during the German nuclear energy exit plans. We also finance the costs of the intermediate and final disposal of nuclear energy waste. In December 2016, the German Bundestag and the Federal Council adopted the Act on the Reorganization of Responsibility in Nuclear Waste Disposal. The Act can enter into force only after the conclusion of the EU Commission's aid review. E.ON is prepared to make a substantial contribution to financing of around €10 billion. In return, responsibility for the interim storage and final disposal of nuclear energy waste is transferred to the state. E.ON is also committed to the fact that the legal regulation is supplemented by a contractual agreement in order to maintain lasting legal certainty.

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