Arno Hahn resigns from Executive Board of innogy SE


By mutual agreement with the Supervisory Board, Arno Hahn, Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Director of innogy SE, will resign from his roles at the end of today and will cease to be a member of the company's Executive Board. This was announced during innogy's Supervisory Board meeting today and within the context of the changeover of the majority shareholder of innogy from RWE to E.ON.

Johannes Teyssen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of innogy SE: "As Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Director, Arno Hahn has shown great prudence in his dedication to securing fair treatment of the innogy employees in the difficult situation of the transaction between E.ON and RWE. It was Arno who was primarily responsible for the successful completion of the collective agreement "Future and job security", which offers a high level of protection for the employees of innogy and E.ON. For our work together, which has always been done in a spirit of great mutual trust, I would like to thank Arno on behalf of the entire Supervisory Board.

Arno Hahn, Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Director of innogy SE: "I am delighted that, within the context of the E.ON/RWE transaction, we managed to create the best possible conditions for the future for innogy's workforce. It was with this vision in mind that I took on the role of Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Director last year. I would like to thank all employees of the Group for their great dedication and commitment. And I would like to thank my colleagues on the Board for our constructive collaboration and our mutual trust".

Arno Hahn joined the RWE Group in 1979. After various roles in the grid business of RWE Energie AG and in retail at RWE Plus AG, he became a full-time works council representative from 2002 to 2017 and was a member of the supervisory boards of a number of Group companies. From 2016 to 2017, Hahn was chairman of the General Works Council of the newly founded company innogy SE in addition to being Chairman of the Group Works Council. From 2017 to 2018 he was Managing Director and Labour Director of Westnetz GmbH. In May 2018, Arno Hahn was appointed to the Executive Board of innogy SE as Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Director.

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