Basic collective bargaining declaration: First steps towards security for employees


  • Further binding commitments have not yet been made
  • Need to continue negotiations

The basic collective bargaining declaration on the planned transaction between E.ON, RWE and innogy is a step in the right direction, but many questions remain unanswered. innogy’s continued goal is to agree on legally binding commitments to an integration process that is fair and balanced for all those involved. Any jobs cuts shall be carried out in a socially responsible manner and with the involvement of the works councils and unions. In addition, innogy believes that in particular the following three things must be assured:

  • First, all jobs must be open to all employees in a fair appointment process – irrespective of whether the respective employees are from E.ON or innogy (“best person for the job”).

  • Second, the strengths of both companies should be respected, the better business model should be applied in each case and the existing competitive advantages of innogy should be taken into account in the integration process. This includes retaining innogy as a brand(“best of both worlds”).

  • Third, adherence to the commitments should be monitored by an independent third party.

  • At innogy’s initiative, several talks were held with E.ON and RWE to agree on legally binding commitments for the integration process but these talks have not yet led to an agreement.

    innogy submitted proposals on this topic to E.ON and RWE weeks ago, and these proposals have lost nothing of their importance since then. Ultimately, a possible integration of innogy and E.ON will only be successful if all involved parties deal with one another fairly and at eye-level. The Executive Board of innogy is ready to further discuss these points over the coming weeks with all those involved and jointly develop legally binding solutions.

    Detailed information can be found in the reasoned statement of innogy SE that has been published yesterday. You can read the full reasoned statement on the company’s website at:

You can read the full reasoned statement of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of innogy SE here:

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