Supervisory Board of innogy SE appoints Uwe Tigges as Chief Executive Officer of innogy SE


  • Contracts of Executive Board members Hildegard Müller, Hans Bünting and Martin Herrmann extended
  • Arno Hahn appointed as new Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Director of innogy SE

At today’s meeting, the Supervisory Board of innogy SE appointed Uwe Tigges as Chief Executive Officer of innogy SE. Uwe Tigges had initially been appointed as interim CEO of innogy following Peter Terium’s resignation from the Executive Board of innogy SE in December 2017. The Supervisory Board moreover appointed Arno Hahn as a new member of the Executive Board for a period of three years with effect from 1 May 2018. Arno Hahn will take over the responsibilities from Uwe Tigges as Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Director of innogy SE. He currently serves as Managing Director and Labour Director of Westnetz GmbH and will continue to do so concomitantly during a transition period.

Erhard Schipporeit, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of innogy SE: “Uwe Tigges has the full confidence of the Supervisory Board. I am certain that he will lead the company thoughtfully for the benefit of the employees, shareholders and customers in these challenging times. To ensure that he can concentrate fully on his duties as Chief Executive Officer, Arno Hahn will be appointed as new Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Director of innogy SE.”

The Supervisory Board also announced that the terms of office of Hildegard Müller, Chief Operating Officer Grid & Infrastructure, Hans Bünting, Chief Operating Officer Renewables, and Martin Herrmann, Chief Operating Officer Retail, will each be extended until 31 March 2022. Bernhard Günther continues to be Chief Financial Officer of innogy SE. Currently, many of his duties are being temporarily assumed by Hans Bünting,

Uwe Tigges as well as Bernhard Günther are appointed until 31 March 2021.

Erhard Schipporeit: “With the personnel decisions taken today, the Supervisory Board is sending an early signal for continuity and reliability within the company’s Executive Board, which will once again consist of six members. We wish Bernhard Günther all the best for his further recovery and his speedy return.”