Mohn Media optimizes energy use with waste heat solutions from Orcan Energy and E.ON

12/14/2020 Joint Press Release

Mohn Media, a subsidiary of the Bertelsmann Printing Group, has successfully put a waste heat module from Orcan Energy into operation at its Gütersloh location. This module converts the previously unused waste heat on-site into almost 500,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year, increases the production facility's energy efficiency and at the same time reduces its CO2-emissions. This makes Mohn Media yet another customer who, as part of the collaboration between Orcan Energy and E.ON, now produces CO2-free electricity from previously unused waste heat, thereby improving its environmental balance.

Mohn Media is a leading print service provider in Europe that produces, in particular, catalogs, brochures, books and magazines. Environmental and climate protection is particularly important in such energy-intensive areas, and this has for decades been a focus at Mohn Media. Orcan Energy uses the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) at the offset printing plant’s existing power station. As a first step, around one megawatt (MW) of surplus heat from the local heating network will be used to generate electricity.

In principle, the ORC system works similarly to a steam power plant: The pressurized working medium is heated and sent to the expander as superheated steam. The steam drives the expander and thus the generator, which in turn produces electricity. This increases the efficiency of the CHP system. With this method, emissions of almost 300 metric tons of CO2 are avoided every year.

“Our focus has long been on using energy sparingly and effectively. We believe responsible action to be the foundation for our economic success. With the help of Orcan’s waste heat solutions, we have succeeded in further optimizing the use of energy in our company,” says Ralf Niediek, head of the Mohn Media Energy Center.

Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy, says: “We are delighted to have acquired Mohn Media as a new customer as part of our collaboration with E.ON. Mohn Media has a long tradition of being serious about acting in a way that conserves resources. With our ORC, the company succeeds in further developing the environmental aspects related to production efficiently and making maximum use of the energy potential”.

“Orcan Energy’s waste heat solutions are another attractive component for our customers on the journey toward sustainability. We can now help our industry and corporate customers like Mohn Media on an even broader basis to lower their energy costs and carbonizes their business,” says Dr. Alexander Fenzl, Country Head B2B Solutions Germany at E.ON Business Solutions GmbH.

In order to make better use of the huge potential of industrial waste heat, E.ON and Orcan Energy have been offering Orcan’s efficient ORC technology in a collaborative venture since the end of last year. More specifically, this means that using the waste heat solution from Orcan Energy, E.ON and its customers generate low-cost, CO2-free electricity. E.ON takes care of the energy supply as a complete, tailor-made package, from planning, installation and financing to operational management and maintenance of the system.

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