E.ON CEO Teyssen: We believe in a strong and peaceful Europe


E.ON CEO Johannes Teyssen is a convinced European. That's why he is personally involved in an internal and external campaign to get employees and citizens to vote. Teyssen: “For decades there has been a European global consensus that more cooperation leads to greater prosperity for all. This consensus is now at risk. High voter turnout could strengthen cohesion in Europe once again. After all, those who do not vote leave the choice to others. I believe in a strong and peaceful Europe.”

With four coordinated measures, E.ON is working across Europe to encourage as many people as possible to make use of their right to actively shape Europe and to vote at the end of May 2019.

  • Since April, numerous E.ON locations throughout Europe have been flying the flag for Europe. From Sweden to Romania, E.ON companies have hoisted the European flag with the twelve stars on a blue background at flagpoles in front of their buildings as a symbol of a strong Europe.
E.ON CEO Teyssen: We believe in a strong and peaceful Europe
  • In a video, Johannes Teyssen calls on E.ON employees and citizens to participate in the election. The video can be seen on all E.ON internal and external social media channels. Further video messages from Johannes Teyssen will follow in the next few days.
  • Throughout Europe, E.ON employees sang the European anthem ‘Freude, schöner Götterfunken’ in their native languages and recorded it with their smartphones. A compilation of the videos is now being shown on the E.ON Youtube channel.
  • In addition, E.ON supports numerous national and international initiatives, including the #europasindwir campaign of the Initiativkreis Ruhr and the ‘A New Deal for Europe’ appeal of numerous European companies.

E.ON is convinced that Europe is freedom. And diversity. And so much more. We are Europe. A little more with each voice. #EUelections2019

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