Our contribution for April Fool's Day: E.ON develops power storage system using algae


We are working on many new innovations so that our customers can both produce and manage their own energy. Unfortunately, the power storage system using algae is not quite yet available and was our joke for April Fool’s Day.

But offering innovative and reliable solar solutions is, of course, always our claim. With E.ON, you have a reliable and proven expert at your side who offers the right solar solution for your individual power requirements.

E.ON’s many years of commitment to researching algae and its uses in the energy industry have paid off. Today, the company presented the first purely plant-based power storage system to the world at its headquarters in Essen.

The storage system is about the size of a drinks vending machine and contains algae of the Botryococcus voltaii type cultivated by E.ON, as well as water. The algae stores the fed-in electricity in the form of sugar and fats, and these two substances are then converted back into electricity as required in a carbohydrate exchanger developed by E.ON.

The storage unit currently has a capacity of 6.40 kWh and maximum output of 6.40 kW. This is sufficient to meet around half the yearly energy demand of an average three-person household, including for home-produced power when a rooftop photovoltaic system is not producing any electricity.

The storage system presented today is a prototype, the development of which is being further pursued by E.ON. The company expects to have a unit ready for series production in two years at the latest. The storage system is particularly appealing to customers wanting to cover their energy needs in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

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