HanseWerk commissions its fourth high-efficiency cogeneration plant in Hamburg

The E.ON subsidiary operates Germany’s most efficient fleet of cogeneration plants


HanseWerk, a subsidiary of E.ON and one of the biggest providers of energy solutions in northern Germany, has brought on stream its fourth high-efficiency combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Hamburg. With an efficiency of more than 95 percent, the plant will produce power for up to 20,000 and heat for around 2,800 households.

For this project, HanseWerk joined forces with GE Jenbacher to develop an innovative plant concept that boosts the efficiency of the plant to more than 95 percent. All four of HanseWerk’s CHPs form Germany’s most efficient cogeneration fleet and boast an efficiency factor of between 95 and 99 percent. Together, the plants can produce power for almost 50,000 households and supply several thousand households and businesses with heat.

The specific CO2 emissions of one kilowatt hour of heat from the new cogeneration plant are around 40 percent below those generated through heat recovery in a coal-fired power plant.

The flexible engines of the plant in Eidelstedt are ideally suited for grid stabilization, which is necessary to even out the fluctuating nature of wind and solar power fed into the grid. Over the course of the year, HanseWerk will incorporate the new CHP unit into its virtual power plant. In a virtual power plant, CHPs are interconnected in such a way that they are able to quickly reduce their output when there is a surplus of power in the grid. This is the case on very windy days, for example. If, on the other hand, there is a sudden lull and there is too little power, the new CHP plant can increase its output within five minutes.

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