Half of Europe argues with the neighbors


Enough is Enough

Half of Europe argues willingly and frequently with its neighbors. Yet these disputes most likely concern neither the wire mesh fence nor the snowberry bush – even if both have been recognized as bones of contention in television programs. Disputes about hedges and other plants are only seventh on the list of causes for disputes between neighbors, as a survey carried out by E.ON and Kantar EMNID reveals. In first place, by a wide margin and regardless of the European country in question, is noise from children, parties or music.

A total of 42 percent and thus virtually half of all Germans have argued about this at least once with their neighbors. From a Europe-wide perspective, too, also with an average of 42 percent, noise is the number one bone of contention. In a distant second place with 14 percent is the issue of nosey and intrusive neighbors, whilst third place goes to pets who are perceived as disruptive. Barbecues, which are often thought to cause disputes, are down in eighth place in the survey (4 percent). Arguments are more likely to be caused by driveways being blocked, engines left running or unpleasant smells.

Those who are most likely to get mad, according to their own responses, are Turks (75 percent), followed by Romanians (73 percent), and then Czechs, who occupy third place (72 percent). Nevertheless, the survey also revealed that in Germany, the UK, Hungary and Sweden around a third of those questioned had never felt disturbed by their neighbors.

These results are part of the ‘Living in Europe’ survey for which E.ON and Kantar EMNID questioned around 8,000 people in Germany, the UK, Italy, the Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Turkey and Hungary in December 2016.

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