Our contribution for April Fool's Day: "Feet4energy": E.ON is developing a new kind of energy generation


We are working on many new innovations so that our customers can both produce and manage their own energy. Unfortunately, the electricity generating floor is not quite yet available and was our joke for April Fool’s Day.

However, with E.ON Aura and E.ON SolarCloud, we already offer two innovative products that enable our customers to use self-produced energy, which is 100% solar, and is available around the clock.

Electricity can be generated from the floor of your house!

Right in your own four walls, every step you take can now be used for energy generation! Together with the startup, feet4energy, E.ON has developed a floor that produces electricity with every step, which can then be fed into the grid or into an in-house electricity storage system. With the new technology from E.ON and feet4energy, people can convert a good portion of their own energy into electricity - completely CO2-neutral and extremely environmentally friendly. For this, everyday movements in a house or apartment are enough!

The floor works with the principle of kinetic energy generation. Tiny balls are mounted below the laminate-like cover layer and electrically connected to one another by means of a contact plate. The floor can be installed on almost all normal floor surfaces. On average, a person can generate one kilowatt hour of electricity per day just by normally walking on the floor. A family of three could therefore generate around 1100 kilowatt hours a year, or around one third of their average annual consumption!

In Germany alone, an area of 3.8 billion square kilometers would be available for this type of energy generation. Sport and event halls, which can also be equipped with the new floor, are not included in this calculation. If we were to include these types of flooring areas, much more energy could be generated, because of the much more intense movements that are produced from sports-related activities.

E.ON and feet4energy are confident that this product can be launched in April 2018. Talks with large DIY stores are currently underway. The self-generating floors will also be available online in the future, which will make it possible for everyone to get footloose with their energy production.

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