Szilvia Pinczésné Márton

Szilvia Pinczésné Márton

Chairman of the Works Council of E.ON Dél-Dunántúli Áramhálózati Zrt.
Member of the European Works Council of E.ON SE

Mrs. Pinczésné Márton was born on February 18, 1969 in Kaposvár (Hungary). After completing her apprenticeship as a technical draftswoman at a state vocational school, she completed additional professional training courses as a state-certified data processor as well as a quality manager.

Since 1987, Mrs. Pinczésné Márton has worked for the predecessor company of today's distribution network operator of E.ON in Hungary (E.ON Dél-Dunántúli Áramhálózati Zrt.). Here she is currently working as a technical team leader. She has been a member of the DÉDÁSZ union since 1987 and, since 2016, she has been chairwoman of the works council of E.ON Dél-Dunántúli Áramhálózati Zrt. and a member of the E.ON SE European Works Council.

Member of the Supervisory Board of E.ON SE since 2018; term will end at the close of the Annual General Meeting in 2023.

Specific expertise and experience for the membership on the Supervisory Board of E.ON SE:

Due to her professional experience, Mrs. Pinczésné Márton has in-depth knowledge of the network business and co-determination matters. In addition, she has extensive IT and software knowledge and thus enhances the competence of the Supervisory Board with regard to the digitization of the E.ON Group.

Other supervisory board seats:


Information as of November 2019