Tibor Gila

Tibor Gila

Chairman of the Central Works Council of E.ON Hungaria, Deputy Chairman of the SE Works Council of E.ON SE and Chairman of the Works Council of E.ON Észak-dunántúli Áramhálózati ZRt

Mr. Tibor Gila, born on 17 June 1967 in Tatabánya, Hungary, is an electrical engineer.

From 1986 to 1988, Mr. Gila was employed as an electrician in a mine in Tatabánya, Hungary. Subsequently, he held various positions in the regional distribution grid centre in Tatabánya until 1995; his last position was that of an electrician at a transformer sub-station. From 1995 to 2001, he was employed at the grid operation centre, and from 2004 to 20112, he served as a manager at various regional grid operation stations in Tatabánya. He has been a member of the Works Council of E.ON Északdunántúli Áramhálózati Zrt since 1999, and since 2007, he has been the Chairman of this Works Council. Since 2012, he has been released from work duties as Chairman of the Works Council of E.ON Hungaria and Deputy Chairman of the SE Works Council of E.ON SE.

Member of the Supervisory Board of E.ON SE since 2016; term will end at the close of the Annual General Meeting in 2021.

Specific expertise and experience for the membership on the Supervisory Board of E.ON SE:

Mr. Gila has practical experience in the distribution grid business and in human resources management. In addition, he has extensive expertise in grid engineering and in the exercise of co-determination rights at works council level.

Other supervisory board seats:

+ E.ON Észak-dunántúli Áramhálózati Zrt1

1E.ON Group Company
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