Clive Broutta

Clive Broutta

Full-time official of the General, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trade Union (GMB)

Mr. Clive Broutta, born on 2 January 1960 in Nottingham, United Kingdom (UK), is an electrical craftsman and a Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) Advisor.

After his training and initial work in the field of maintenance, Mr. Broutta began his professional career within the E.ON Group in 1988 when he joined E.ON UK (formerly Powergen). From 1988 to 2009, he first worked in maintenance and as electrical craftsman in the Ratcliff power station. In addition, he was an elected trustee of the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme (ESPS) pension fund in the UK from 2002 to 2005. Since 2009, he has been the Health, Safety and Environment Co-ordinator for combined heat and power plants. Since 2016 he is Chair of the UK consultative forum as well as Lead Trade Union representative in the UK.

Member of the Supervisory Board of E.ON SE since 2014; term of office will end at the close of the Annual General Meeting in 2023.

Specific expertise and experience for membership on the Supervisory Board of E.ON SE:

Mr. Broutta is an expert for matters relating to health, safety and environment. In addition, he is familiar with finance and investment related questions.

Other supervisory board seats:


Information as of November 2019