Dr. Marc Spieker


Chief Financial Officer

Member of the Board of Management of E.ON SE since January 2017

Finance, Investor Relations, Mergers & Acquisitions and Participation Management, Risk Management, Accounting & Controlling, Tax



Career History

Marc Spieker was born in Essen on July 7, 1975. He studied and completed a doctorate in business administration in Koblenz (Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für Unternehmensführung – WHU) and Madrid and holds an MBA from the University of Texas in Austin.

He joined E.ON in 2002, initially serving as an expert in corporate planning and controlling. After two years, he joined Sydkraft AB, the E.ON Group’s Swedish subsidiary in Malmö, where he supported the integration of the company in the E.ON Group.

In 2006, Marc Spieker returned to Group Management where he served as head of department for controlling and reporting for Group activities in Scandinavia, the UK and the US as well as global trading. He then became division head in the Group’s energy business segment, overseeing the commercial and strategic optimization of the entire E.ON commodity portfolio. In 2011/2012, he served as CFO of E.ON España in Madrid, before taking over responsibility for the investor relations department at Group Management in 2012.

In 2014, Spieker became project head of the strategy project One2two, coordinating all activities during the run-up and execution of the corporate restructuring project. He was responsible for managing everything from the “carve out” of Uniper activities to formulating and implementing the financial transaction in the capital market.

After the successful IPO of Uniper, he assumed his new role as CFO for Renewable Energies. Since January 1, 2017, Marc Spieker has been a Member of the Board of Management and since April 1, 2017 Chief Financial Officer of E.ON SE. He is currently responsible for Finance, Investor Relations, Mergers & Acquisitions and Participation Management, Risk Management, Accounting & Controlling and Tax.

Since June 2017 Marc Spieker has been a member of the Shareholders’ Committee of Nord Stream AG.

Supervisory Board Seats

* E.ON Verwaltungs SE1)
+ Nord Stream AG

* Membership in other statutory supervisory boards
+ Membership in comparable German and foreign supervisory bodies of corporations
1) Exempted supervisory board seats in Group companies