Only if we are aware of the fundamental importance of energy can we begin to imagine the role we at E.ON are going to play in the adventures that lie ahead of us.

Johannes Teyssen, CEO

Where we came from

Energy is life. Energy is progress. Our future is energy. The progress of mankind is inextricably linked with energy. The ongoing quest for energy to fuel and sustain life and society is a fundamental and existential question for humanity. Energy has transformed every aspect of human life for thousands of years. It enables the autonomy of mankind. Each step change in the availability of energy has opened up new possibilities and defined a leap in human progress.

Step changes along the way were achieved by someone’s curiosity, restlessness and courage to think differently and to create something that didn’t exist before. These step changes were built on the belief in a future of possibilities, a future in which technology makes life more convenient, safer and more beautiful.

These leaps always started with “why?”, “what if?” and “why not?”

Energy is life.
Energy is progress.
Our future is energy.

Where we are now

The energy system of the 20th century is running on hot steam, but it’s reaching its limits. In the Western world, a growing thirst for energy was quenched based on combustion of fossil fuels and nuclear fission.
Our central energy system was created. Huge power plants fueled our lifestyle. Transmission and distribution networks created connection points to every factory, every office and every building.

But environmental pollution limits life quality. We are witnessing the dramatic effects of global warming. The nations of the world recognise the need to save our planet. Because there simply is no planet B.

And so we are now in the midst of a magnificent transition of the energy world we have known to date. The energy system of the 20th century is being deconstructed and rebuilt. Our energy is increasingly based on renewable and sustainable energy sources. We can save our planet and create a sustainable world.

Save our planet and create a sustainable world.

Where we’re going

Today, energy is being liberated and democratised and being put back into the hands of many. We are moving from energy constraint to energy abundance where every single person can be their own power producer and enjoy energy freedom. Putting the customer at the heart of our business doesn’t just mean giving them energy solutions, it means deepening understanding and reigniting long-lasting relationships. It requires trust, transparency, simplicity and respect. In tomorrow’s world, we will all be partners in energy – connected, informed and engaged in a purpose to create a better, more sustainable world for all.

In tomorrow’s world, we will all be partners in energy.

However, nothing can be achieved alone in today’s world. It takes individuals to come up with great ideas, but it takes the collective strength of a team to turn an innovation into a successful product that customers demand. We must create opportunities from increasing global connectedness. We must value and honour strong partnerships and collaboration – tearing down walls and silos and working together inside E.ON and beyond.

We are on the cusp of the next energy revolution. This is hugely exciting. We as E.ON are obsessed by the idea of contributing to a new world of energy and new possibilities. This is what we are about. This is what our vision calls for. This is what our brand promises to our customers. This is the way we all need to be, think, work and act.

Sustainable, digital, connecting people, empowering freedom.

Tomorrow is ·on Let our energy shape the future!

We must have the courage to pursue bold ideas, harness innovative thinking and win together.

Johannes Teyssen, CEO

Dr. Johannes Teyssen