Where we come from

Energy is life. Energy is progress. Our future is energy. The advancement of humankind is inseparably linked to energy. Energy is essential for the creation and maintenance of life and society. For millennia, energy has repeatedly altered all aspects of human life. Energy means self-determination. The availability of new energy sources has opened up new horizons for humankind and enabled it to achieve dynamic leaps forward in its development.

Big changes have always been the result of curiosity, of tireless perseverance, and courage.
Of people questioning the status quo, thinking innovatively and open-mindedly, and creating ideas and things that previously didn’t exist.

All improvements and breakthroughs begin with questions. Why? What if? And above all: Why not? Change results from the belief in a future of new possibilities. A future in which technology and human collaboration make life better, more secure, more comfortable, and more worth living.

Where we stand

The energy system of the twentieth century was founded on burning fossil fuels and splitting atoms. But this system is reaching its limits.

At E.ON, we’re playing a decisive role in the unprecedented transformation of the energy world. The energy system of the twentieth century is being completely reorganised. In the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, energy will take on a new significance and become a fundamental social issue. Energy will become a movement. And E.ON is playing an active role in solving one of humankind’s most complex challenges.

Where we are headed

Energy is becoming increasingly democratised. Individual customers are joining together to form a community of consumers who also produce: prosumers. Until now, usable energy has always been limited. In the future, it will be abundant. Once scarce and resource-intensive, energy will become a readily accessible, clean fuel for human progress. In tomorrow’s world, we’ll all be energy partners—interconnected and united in the goal of creating a better, more sustainable world for everyone.

E.ON’s networks and customer solutions will play a decisive role in shaping this change. Putting customers at the centre of our business doesn’t just mean providing them with energy solutions. It also means truly understanding them and establishing a long-term personal relationship with them. This puts us at the centre of a community of prosumers and partners. To get there, we need transparency as well as mutual trust and respect.

As in the past, a fundamental transformation of this magnitude will only be achieved through curiosity, tireless endeavour, and the courage to swim against the stream and to create something that previously didn’t exist.

In today’s world, nothing can be accomplished alone. An individual can develop a great idea. But it takes the strength of a team to transform an innovation into a successful product. The power of groups and communities—the power of we—sets human beings apart.

At E.ON, we too believe in the value of strong partnerships and the collaboration they make possible. We’re standing on the cusp of the next energy revolution. It will present us with huge opportunities. We’ll need to seize them together—with the curiosity and enthusiasm of an explorer. We’re convinced that we can play a key role in bringing about a new energy world and all its possibilities. To achieve these big goals, we need the dedication and courage of every individual, every day.

Dr. Johannes Teyssen