Our Supplier Relationship Management is based on four pillars

E.ON uses a standardized Supplier Onboarding process to ensure that incumbent and new suppliers comply with the minimum requirements set forth by E.ON in terms of financial, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and product/service criteria. Throughout the process, risks across these criteria are systematically captured and mitigated. Based on an Onboarding invitation by E.ON, the suppliers register in our SRM module and submit the required information. Only after successful completion, E.ON enters into a business relationship with the supplier.

Suppliers who have been invited to complete the onboarding process can find guidance on the process in these documents:

For new or existing suppliers, we ensure that risks of different dimensions (Finance, Market, HSE/CSR etc.) are identified and managed. This may happen in the onboarding of new suppliers or throughout the different phases of the procurement process and contract lifecyle.

At E.ON, it is of highest importance to us that products, services or solutions delivered all meet superior performance levels. We closely work and measure with our suppliers the dimensions quality, on-time delivery, sustainability, cost and innovation in order to achieve excellence in the business relationships. We value our suppliers' feedback and new ideas which can benefit E.ON and its customers.

We continuously search and engage our suppliers on development activities under clear objectives and timelines in the aspect of all performance dimensions, further requirements and business needs. The long term goal is to enable a solid, sustainable and growing business partnership.


In E.ON, the Supply Chain Organization leads all tenders (sourcing events) in close collaboration with the business stakeholders. For these tenders, specific electronic tools are being used, and we invite the suppliers to work with these so that an efficient process can be secured.

Our tendering activities range from running unit specific tenders (no group-wide bundling) carried out by individual E.ON units to group-wide tenders bundling the volumes for several E.ON units which are then carried out by one E.ON unit on behalf of several E.ON units to achieve synergies.

How we engage our suppliers


Electronic catalogues (eCatalogues) are an efficient way to handle a number of procurement activities. E.ON’s eCatalogues are availalble in a central platform called the “E.ON Shopping Mall”, which is provided by Opus Capita (formerly jCatalog). E.ON is using eCatalogues group-wide or restricted to individual entities. A precondition for creating an eCatalogue is a valid supply contract between a supplier and E.ON SE or an E.ON subsidiary.

If a product is not included in an eCatalogue, the E.ON Shopping Mall offers an additional functionality (if implemented for the respective catalogue):

Requesters can ask for a quote on products not included in an eCatalogue and later on order them via the "QuickQuote“ module. QuickQuote can be implemented for existing eCatalogue suppliers if required. Further information about E.ON’s eCatalogue solution and the QuickQuote module can be found under "More info".

The SSM Catalogue Platform can be accessed via the button below. It is the self-service manager for catalogue uploads.

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