Within E.ON the tenders for materials and services are always led by Procurement in close collaboration with the business:

  • Unit specific tenders (no Group-wide bundling): carried out by the respective E.ON unit
  • Global tenders (bundling for several companies): carried out by one E.ON unit on behalf of several E.ON units in order to achieve synergies

E.ON uses the eSourcing platform "SynerTrade" for conducting online tenders and auctions.

Supplier Relationship Management

Through a consistent Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), we focus on optimizing the value delivered through the business partnerships.

The main SRM objectives are:

  • Enable strategic supplier partnerships
  • Improve global transparency of supply base
  • Enable supplier development
  • Ensure sustainability across the supply chain
  • Manage and mitigate risks to the business
Supplier Relationship Management

To support in achieving these objectives, the SRM process follows the below structure:

E.ON uses a standard Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) to collect supplier’s preliminary information. Subsequently, to ensure that the product, service and processes meet the specifications and requirements, further qualification steps will take place, such as Product/Service Test, Site Audit and Trial Order.

For existing and new suppliers, Risk Assessments will be performed along the procurement activities, considering following dimensions:  Finance, Market, Corporate Responsibility/ Compliance and Performance. The results will be used as basis to define and address the associated mitigation actions.

This process involves measuring and reviewing supplier’s performance against the targets for the following elements: Quality, On-time delivery, Sustainability, Cost and Innovation.

The goal is to identify, agree and act on eventual improvements needed, with the aim to leverage the overall performance and achieve excellence in business relationship.

Consists of supporting existing and/or potential strategic suppliers in meeting the scope specifications and requirements, as well as achieving the overall established objectives. The long term goal is to enable a solid, sustainable and growing business partnership.

We provide our suppliers with supporting tools and templates specially designed to increase collaboration across the above process. You will get access to those through the responsible buyer when applicable and according to the respective procurement phase.


eCatalogues E.ON Shopping Mall

Electronic catalogues (eCatalogues) are an efficient way to handle a number of procurement activities. E.ON’s eCatalogues are availalble in a central platform called the “E.ON Shopping Mall”, which is provided by Opus Capita (formerly jCatalog). E.ON is using eCatalogues group-wide or restricted to individual entities. A precondition for creating an eCatalogue is a valid supply contract between a supplier and E.ON or an E.ON entity.

Requesters can ask for a quote on products not included in an eCatalogue and later on order them via the „QuickQuote“ module. QuickQuote can be implemented for existing eCatalogue suppliers if required. Further information about E.ON’s eCatalogue solution and the QuickQuote module can be found on the right side.