For us, Diversity means seeing differences as an opportunity and creating a place where everyone is welcome and can develop their potential. This brings new perspectives and promotes our ability to innovate and be creative.
As early as 2008, E.ON publicly affirmed its commitment to fairness and appreciation towards its employees by signing the "German Diversity Charter". E.ON is part of a corporate network of over 4,500 co-signatories who are committed to the economic benefits of diversity as well as tolerance, fairness and appreciation. E.ON has also been an active member of the Charter since 2020. E.ON has been a member of IWiL "Initiative Women into Leadership" since 2020. IWiL is a non-profit association for the continuous development of female leaders in Germany. The aim of the initiative is to recruit outstanding personalities - including from various areas of society such as business, culture, media and science - as members who accompany highly qualified and successful women on their way to the top as part of a mentoring program. E.ON has also been the initiative's "Top Promoter of Female Fast Track leaders" since 2021.