Committed to ethical principles

Ethical Principles

All employees at every level within the E.ON Group must comply with the clear rules laid down in our Code of Conduct. Derived from our core values, the Code of Conduct defines key principles and rules for legitimate and responsible conduct, especially when dealing with business partners and public officials.

High Standards Underpinning Our Conduct

Every employee must fully comply with the requirements set out in the Code of Conduct in all processes, decisions and everyday activities. This also applies to the more stringent compliance requirements as well as applicable policies and standards. This obligation applies equally to all E.ON companies.

Continually reviewing and improving our Code of Conduct

Überprüfung des Verhaltenskodex

The implementation of and adherence to the Code is one of the major responsibilities of the Group's Compliance organization. The in 2017 updated Code of Conduct is supplemented by guidelines containing detailed provisions and instructions on how to deal with specific situations. Our employees can refer to these at any time.