Recognizing Performance

Success at E.ON

Good performance from our employees is critical to our corporate success. In order to inspire ambitious and high-performing people for working at E.ON and to retain them in the long-run, we aim at offering an interesting and motivating working environment.

Performance-oriented Remuneration

A key part of this is fair pay as well as various additional compensations. Compensation for the majority of our employees is linked to collective wage agreements. For particularly outstanding success many of our employees receive performance-related compensation.

Responsibility Pays

When calculating variable remuneration for many of our top managers, agreed goals are taken into account that are relevant to our social commitment. These can include achieving particular environmental targets or maintaining occupational safety standards and thereby helping to reduce the number of work-related incidents. These targets are individually agreed with managers and reassessed each year within the framework of a structured performance evaluation process.

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Providing for Later Life

Another part of overall remuneration is a company pension plan oriented towards applicable national framework conditions. At E.ON in Germany, this is a well-established part of overall employee compensation and can be topped up further with their own contributions. Employees can choose between different pension scheme models of deferred compensation such as direct commitment and direct insurance and can also even combine them.