Recognizing Potential - Promoting Development

Learning from other areas

Our employees get new inspiration and knowledge through project work or temporary assignments in other departments and business areas. An assignment abroad as part of our expat-guideline offers special opportunities; the guideline allows us to support these assignments in a consistent manner throughout the Group. We do this because the increasingly international activities of our employees are very important to us.

Living personnel development

Lifelong learning is what we at E.ON aspire to; we continuously put this aspiration into action and fill it with life. A wide range of extra-occupational programs, seminars, courses and on-the-job training measures ensure that our staff remain on top of their game and that they can continue to expand their skills. We support our staff to proactively pursue their own training; we place value on regular feedback sessions and training measures that are agreed upon individually and that are organized according to each employee’s own requirements.