Intensive Exchange across all Levels of Hierarchy

Mitarbeitereinbindung - E.ON

Our employees' motivation and willingness to perform are driven significantly by their identification with E.ON's corporate goals. Transparent information flows and consideration for the needs of our employees are important requirements for this. This is why we maintain an intensive exchange across all levels of hierarchy. In our Employee Survey we investigate our employees' satisfaction and needs.

Transparency on Corporate Development

Both top-level managers and senior executives inform their staff regularly about current developments, usually in the form of letters, e-mails or video messages. We also create many opportunities for personal exchanges, for example at informal lunches with the Chairman of the Board of Management or with Board Members from other companies.

Cooperation with Employee Representatives

Through the Group Works Council, the European Works Council and local Works Councils, our employees have the opportunity to influence E.ON's development as a company. We integrate appropriate bodies in the relevant processes, depending on applicable legal requirements and cultural expectations, and together develop socially sustainable solutions. This also applies to our international companies. E.ON's management also cooperates closely with the European Works Council by reporting regularly on transnational measures.