Strength through Diversity

Studies show that mixed teams perform better than homogeneous groups. We promote and use this diversity within the company as an advantage to create an inclusive environment.

Diversity is also crucial in the face of demographic development: only a company that can effectively use diversity in its favour can remain as an attractive employer in the future and will thus be less affected by the shortage of skilled labor.

Our diversity is based on a holistic approach that encompasses all dimensions to ensure equal opportunities for all employees. Our aim: to promote diversity individually, irrespective of gender, age and nationality.

Diversity is important for our success so that we can respond even better to the specific needs and requirements of our customers and thus remain a strong competitor in the future.

Gender Diversity - We bring women in the lead

In addition to specific targets for each individual group, there are group-wide recruiting and occupational guidelines for management positions. This means: for every vacant leadership position, at least one man and one woman is named on the final shortlist. This increases the share of women in management positions every year. Our goal by 2026: to have the proportion of women in the total workforce (32%) also be equally represented in management positions!

E.ON is on the right path with a gender diversity project launched in 2010 to implement gender equality. The program defines challenging but realistic targets for increasing the proportion of women in management positions and sets out comprehensive measures for the career development of female executives:

People with disabilities can do great things

Our guideline is: we want to be an attractive employer for all employees and give each individual the same opportunities. That's why we, at E.ON, are of the opinion that a disability shouldn't have to be a professional restriction. We actively support the integration of people with disabilities, who perform important and valuable work, which we as an employer cannot and do not want to do without. We not only make our workplaces, but also our social institutions, such as canteens or lounges, barrier-free, so that our employees can participate in the social work life in our company, even with a disability.

We are committed to the "Charter of Diversity"

The topics of equal opportunity and diversity have been an important part of E.ON's corporate culture for years. As early as 2006, we adopted a group-wide guideline, which was renewed in 2016 together with the European Works Council of E.ON SE. As a result, E.ON created, at an early stage, a framework in which any form of discrimination based on age, origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion or disability is prohibited.

In 2008, we publicly reaffirmed this commitment by signing the "Charter of Diversity" that was created by the German federal government together with economic partners. The Diversity Charter is a German corporate initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. This is why we are committed to creating a working environment free of prejudice.