The "on.board" E.ON Students Program Rewards Top Effort

An internship or an engagement as a student worker to act as a stepping stone for one’s career: At E.ON this dream can come true. This is because, on the one hand, interns and student workers get a real insight into everyday working life, work independently on projects, and can forge contacts within the company. On the other hand, we at E.ON also reward first-class performance and people who go the extra mile with a "boarding pass" for the "on.board" program.

Every year E.ON places the best interns and student workers into the program, assists them with their further development and makes them aware of career opportunities within the company.  Additionally, every new participant is supported by a mentor, who serves as a guide to the company. He/she serves is a direct point of contact to the group, a source of information for current projects, and may pave the way for further internships, final papers or for a future job at E.ON. A special online platform facilitates the exchange of information between participants and mentors. Workshops and networking events also provide opportunities to make personal connections.

Candidates wishing to apply for the “on.board” program should have completed the third semester. In both cases, students should have a minimum of two remaining semesters to study. Should interns/student workers demonstrate exceptional merit during an engagement of at least six weeks at E.ON, they will be recommended for the program by the relevant department. The only thing that’s missing now is your own initiative with your application, and then we can begin building your future together.

Welcome on.board!