Our business areas



We develop innovative solutions and platforms for our traditional gas & electricity sales business.  


Energy Networks

We are involved in digital developments in the energy networks area, like IoT, peer-to-peer and smart meter.

new business

New Business

We build innovative solutions for new business areas like PV & battery, E-Mobility and energy management.

Some of our products

E.ON Optimum

E.ON Optimum

About the product

E.ON Optimum is a cloud based energy platform that gives our business customers energy intelligence. It can help them to reduce their consumption and costs and enable them to make faster and better decisions. With Optimum, our customers can get a better understanding of their energy consumption to stay in control and keep an overview of the behaviour of their energy management systems, so they can plan for the future.

Way of working & technology stack

3 Scrum Teams of around 15 developers doing DevOps developed E.ON Optimum for nearly 2 years as a self-organized team based on Kubernetes (currently hosted by Google Cloud), Angular 8 for the front-end, Scala for the back-end and Java based Microservices for the data integration layer.

  • Basis: Kubernetes
  • Angular 8 for Front-End
  • Scala for Back-End
  • Java based Microservices



About the product

Bayernwerk, our distribution system operator in south Germany, launched the EnergieMonitor in 2018. This online dashboard displays a community’s renewables output and energy consumption in real time. The transparency provided by EnergieMonitor enables community decision-makers to take targeted action to promote the energy transition and to monitor their progress.

Way of working & technology stack

An interdisciplinary Scrum Team an average of 4 developers doing DevOps developed this product. It originated from an agency on a PoC level and was turned into a scalable and cost-effective cloud native architecture on AWS by our internal team. Next to the front-end based on Vue.js, an event-driven architecture using serverless functions with Java, together with a forecast component based on python was tied together using modern paradigms like infrastructure-as-code and CI/CD.

  • AWS Cloud
  • Cloudformation
  • Lambda Functions (Java, Python)
  • CPS Tools
  • GitLab CI (Docker)
  • Vue.js Front-End
  • Machine Learning (Python)
Christian Schmidt, Backend Development

With Optimum we develop microservices in a cloud-native Kubernetes environment. We transform our customers’ data into useful insights. These insights can be used to reduce their carbon footprint.

Christian Schmidt, Senior Software Engineer

Torsten Müller-Steding, Software Engineer

Bringing together modern UI technologies, data science and scalable cloud based services within our settled and proven energy utilities system in an agile manner. That’s EnergieMonitor and all about fun!

Torsten Müller-Steding, Senior Software Engineer

Hendrik Runte, Senior UX Developer

With E.ON Optimum this team pushed front-end development to a higher level, taking advantage of the most sophisticated tools and frameworks.

Hendrik Runte, Senior UX Developer

Be part of something fun

You will be surrounded by people who are enthusiastic about what they do and eager to share their passion and knowledge with you.

Why E.ON?

We offer an environment that inspires - including career opportunities, responsibility and exciting challenges. Use your energy to help shape the future. You can look forward to a variety of tasks in an international environment and fast-paced working atmosphere. A dedicated and open-minded team awaits you. What are you waiting for?

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