“Most people can tell that I am a physicist”

Stephan Löhr

Stephan Löhr is Teamlead Portfolio & Performance Management B2C Solutions & E-Mobility

Stephan, please tell us a little about yourself. Who are you and what aren't you?

I am a very rational person and may appear to be very introverted to others, which is not so bad, I think (laughs). Being rational and analytical is on the one hand a strength, but when interacting with others it can sometimes be a "weakness" because you don't always come across as being open-hearted. My working environment has helped me to become better in my interpersonal relationships. But even if I don't mention it, most usually pick up on the fact that I’m a physicist.

When and where did you start at E.ON? How did your career develop at E.ON from there?

I started as a consultant at E.ON Inhouse Consulting in 2012. After two years, I became a senior consultant and had the opportunity to go to San Francisco for six months. There I worked in what was then our Renewables division on one of our photovoltaic power plants. It was a very good experience and an opportunity you do not get in every company. And as I enjoy travelling and visiting other countries, an added plus. (laughs)

Which experience at E.ON was the most important to you?

The most important experience for me was the half year I spent in the USA. In addition, the critical feedback I received from one of our internal assessment centers helped me with my personal development. This critical feedback made me realize that the path to success is not – and cannot be – always straightforward.

What project are you currently working on at E.ON?

We are currently working in two areas: The first is called Future Energy Home or B2C Solutions which is basically everything we offer residential customers with the exception of power and gas. This means: solar systems, batteries, heating systems, and an energy management system – including installation and services. The second area is electromobility. Here, the focus is on establishing a new business in a market that is in an early stage of development. This will change quite quickly now as manufacturers are producing more and more electric vehicles. And we are ready to offer our customers the solutions they will need – like for example, ultra-fast charging technology.

Here at E.ON, I can shape our business, and I'm not just a small cog in the wheel.

E-mobility: E.ON Drive Booster

“My personal favourite: the 'Ruhrgasteller' meal”

What is your favourite dish in the E.ON canteen in Essen?

Although there may be an isolated complaint or two about our canteen, overall, I think it is quite good. My favourite dish is the "Ruhrgasteller". The name originated before my time and is basically created by selecting from the buffet a mix of things for your plate that you would never normally eat in combination, like meatballs, spring rolls, and a side of spinach. I like to call it diversification because some dishes offered are not always my cup of tea. And maybe it’s where my personal risk aversion comes through (laughs).

Do you have any tips for people applying for a job at E.ON?

Be open and honest in an interview, even if this sounds clichéd. The applicant must be a team player. That's why I like to introduce candidates briefly to the team to see whether the chemistry is right.

Picture of Stephan Löhr

A movie is being made about your life. Which actor should play your role?  

Hugh Grant could play me – someone once said that I resembled him, maybe without the beard. I'd be flattered. (laughs)

What was the best decision in your life (please try to avoid using the letters "E" "O" and "N")?

Clearly the decision for my girlfriend. I tend to weigh pros and cons before I make any decision. I guess that’s where the physicist in me comes through.

For which 3 things are you most thankful for in your life?

Health first, followed by my girlfriend and family, and finally , the opportunity to have a good, secure job here – even at the risk of sounding corny. 

Stephan, all corniness aside: many thanks from my side for the pleasant interview.