“When things got boring, I moved on”

Julia Pfeil

Julia Pfeil is Senior Manager Sales and Marketing 

For 10 years, you worked for various manufacturers of heating and solar technology. How did you arrive at E.ON?

Let me take a step back: After graduating from university, I really wanted to join a large corporation. I started working at the Otto Group, then went to BHW-Postbank, but realized soon that my professional role there was very task focused.

And what conclusion did you draw from this?

I switched to medium-sized companies with a more "start-up" character in the heating/solar industry to be able to cover a wider spectrum of topics and the links between them. Here I was responsible for, among other things, international sales, smart home connections, and electronic components. But soon I reached a point of saturation because topics began repeating themselves. I then started at E.ON where the “heating” division was being built from scratch. I was able to test my professional and content-related knowledge from "small" to "big", so to speak.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a person who really enjoys working in my current position as "Sales and Marketing Manager" – two terms that at first glance do not seem to fit together. I have a great deal of fun working in an international job which brings with it a broad range of tasks and areas of responsibilities. The good thing in Sales for me is that you can measure results easily. And with all the challenges that come up, it is important to stay interested and curious – and to have fun.

What are your hobbies and do any of them have to do with your job?

My hobbies are pretty much opposite to my activities at E.ON, i.e. they involve activities which take place outside like hiking, skiing, and sailing. I love hiking to isolated mountain cabins where there's no cell phone reception. And when time is limited, I’ll go to the gym. I also love to travel – professionally and privately.

When you are not hiking to an isolated mountain cabin with no cell phone reception, how do you develop your skills?

(Laughs) That depends: on the one hand, in training courses and through interaction in various networks, but also through mentors. It's important for me to personally develop myself and also learn things from working with others around me in order to receive new impulses. Overall, an open feedback culture is very important for me in personal development.


"My career is anything but typical, that's for sure"

Can you tell us something about your career path?

My career has been anything but typical, that's for sure. When things got boring, I moved on. But even after 3 years, I am still not bored here (laughs).

And how would you describe yourself in a nutshell?

I am good at bringing people together and getting everyone to work together and move in the same direction. It is important not to lose sight of a goal and important to always involve people. In stressful situations, I always try to create a positive atmosphere.

Share something with us that is not in your CV.

I can do something that probably no one has in their CV: I can clap using one hand (Julia claps with one hand). And you never know when that may come in handy (laughs).

Julia Pfeil

Does professional success reduce the ability to listen to others?

Good question. (laughs) For a team event some time ago, we went sailing with my former line manager, who was not an experienced sailor. Sailing as a team together, we learned that regardless of the hierarchical position, success was only achieved by working together as a team – and this also meant being able to listen. This experience taught me the importance of listening to others.

Do you have any tips for people applying for a job at E.ON?

Anyone who wants to apply here should ask themselves how they deal with change and whether they enjoy new things. It is also important to embrace diversity. We are a very international and diverse group of people – not only in terms of different cultures, but also in terms of educational background, experience, and age.

How do you manage to maintain a good work-life balance?

I maintain a good work-balance by consciously switching off and focusing. When I work, I focus on work 100 percent. For example, I wouldn’t wish someone a happy birthday during my work day, but rather after work. And during my spare time, I focus on enjoying leisure time activities.

Julia, we hope that our interview didn't make you lose focus – many thanks for your time!