„Over the course of the EGP program, I chose to go to the UK and then to Sweden for my international placements. As a non-European citizen, going abroad from my home unit in Germany to Sweden and the UK was challenging in itself due to the requisite visa and immigration paperwork, as well as the need to get my work permit processed in time for the projects that awaited. However, this process got substantially simplified due to support from E.ON’s HR Services. In addition, the relocation support for an apartment eased the transition of movement between countries. Plus, the additional allowance on top of my monthly salary was helpful for balancing the cost of living abroad. Being able to work with people across national and cultural borders on exciting projects was a valuable experience, especially for someone early in his career.”

“When I applied for the E.ON Graduate Program, I had just finished my MSc in Supply Chain Management. I was really interested in the upstream supply chain of companies which is why I applied for the procurement graduate program. At some point in the program, my mentor and I decided that I should broaden my horizon and do a placement which was not procurement related. I was lucky enough to get a placement in Operations and Maintenance of our onshore wind fleet in Sweden. During my placement in Operations & Maintenance I got a job offer to work for the Head of the Northern European fleet and accepted it.

I was quite sure in the beginning where I wanted to work, but then opportunities came up and as a graduate I always had the freedom to take them. I really appreciated the flexibility during the program to try new things and develop myself further through exposure to new challenges no matter if it was in my home-function procurement or in other functions.”