Application process at E.ON

Application process

Depending on the company and position, the process may vary. So we are providing you with an exemplary overview of the possible steps involved. Your recruiter can help you with any additional questions you may have.

Online Application

Online application

Your online application is the first step of the application process. All jobs are advertised in our career portal. Create an application profile – it will only take about two minutes and can open the door for you to jobs in all E.ON Group companies worldwide. All applications for advertised jobs at E.ON must be made online.

Phone Interview

Phone / online interview

If your application has convinced us, we'll want to get to know you a little bit better by conducting a phone or online interview. Make sure you prepare well – just as you would for a face-to-face interview. Use the opportunity and prepare questions you would like to ask the interviewer. 

Personal Interview

Personal interview

We want to find out more about you and would like to meet you in person. With some positions, we will give our applicants a relevant task to work on. Show us what you are made of and get us excited about your proposed individual solution!

Job Offer and Contract

Contract and onboarding

Welcome to the team! We want to make sure that you'll find your way around the company quickly. During your onboarding you’ll learn everything you need to know about E.ON and your new work environment.

Tips for your application

What needs to be included in a good job application? What is our advice for a successful interview preparation? How can you stand out in a job interview and prepare for interview questions? Here are a few tips to guide you through the application process.

Recruiter tips: How to stand out from the other candidates

What do our recruiters look out for in an application? How can applicants make a good impression during the application process with their C.V., in the online interview and during the face-to-face meeting? We asked our recruiters. You can find some exclusive tips from the pros below. 

Picture of Samy El-Bouz

Samy El-Bouz

"Be yourself in the interview and don't pretend to be someone you’re not. Experienced managers will notice this quite quickly. It is also normal to be nervous, we all know that. For example, if you're a career starter or your last application was 15 years ago, there's no harm in admitting that and saying so right at the beginning. That's brave and breaks the ice at the same time.”

Picture of Stephanie Zeileis

Stephanie Zeileis

"When preparing for a video interview, make sure you find a quiet setting and a suitable background. It is best to test the internet and audio quality in advance so that you can concentrate fully on the conversation. For some self-confidence, choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in and that you would also wear during a personal interview."

Picture of Marion Hagels

Marion Hagels

"From my perspective as a recruiter, a good interview is a pleasant conversation. Be authentic and open, ask questions. But above all: be relaxed and enjoy the interaction. Take the time you need to answer the interviewer. A glass of water next to you can help. So you can take a sip and have time to think about your answer.”

Picture of Alisa Teske

Alica Teske

"In your C.V., refer to the tasks and requirements from the job advertisement – which experience can you make an impression with? If you don't completely fit the profile, don't let this put you off. Our jobs always describe maximum requirements. If you already have the basic qualifications required, be brave and apply."

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