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Mathias (Director)
Director Mathias
„Practice case studies.“

Keep an eye on your time management: Do not leave yourself too much time when you are practicing but instead try to reach a solution within 25 minutes.

Practice the basic rules of arithmetic: Exercise some manual calculations- without using a calculator. You should be able to do multiplications and divisions quickly and easily as well as being able to calculate percentages and use the rule of three.

Have fun practicing: The best way to prepare is to go through different case studies with someone else or in a group. This is because the person you are working with is in a much better position to judge how you communicate your results and whether you appear confident.

“Know the business around E.ON.”

Think in the interview: A framework that applies directly to the specific case is always more effective than something memorized from the internet.

Be informed: Know the business around E.ON and our strategy. Find out about the current challenges and trends in the energy sector.

Be prepared: It is really recommended to practice cases before and test your problem-solving approaches, especially for those who left university a while ago.

Be yourself: Provide us with concrete examples/stories that are authentic and show your impact as well as are exciting for the interviewer.

Richard (Project Manager)
Richard Project Manager
Oliver (Senior Consultant)
Senior Consultant Oliver
“Show us, who you are.”

Stay cool: You made it to the interview, because whatever you did with your life convinced our Recruiting Team. That’s why you should rather think how much we want you instead of how much you would like to work with us.

Practice case studies: I used several books and some websites with practice cases to prepare for the interviews. During the preparation you will get a feeling on how to structure your solution. This will help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed in the interview situation.

Show us who you are: Prepare some examples that show how you individually delivered impact and solved problems! Think of some situations where you clearly made a difference!

Check your essentials: Avoid the stress I had after arriving in the hotel at midnight, the day before the interview, and realizing that I had forgotten my tie.

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