Recruiting process

How can you apply?

We welcome online applications all year round. We are flexible when it comes to kicking off the application process but request that you send us your application at least 3 months before your planned entry date. We will get back to you and let you know whether we would like to invite you to our ECON Recruiting Day. Our recruiting team will then call you to discuss the next steps.

Recruiting Day

What does an ECON Recruiting Day look like?

An ECON Recruiting Day starts with a company presentation, followed by three case-based interviews with our senior management. The day offers you the chance to get to know our team and find out more about your individual career opportunities. The very same day we will also provide you with personal feedback and all successful candidates are immediately offered a contract.

What to expect in the interviews?

Each interview consists of three parts:

A review of your resume, in which we ask you questions on your expertise and personal background as well as what motivates you. This is followed by a case study aimed at finding out how you approach strategic problems and what solutions you can come up with. Finally, you have the chance to ask us your questions.


How to prepare for the interviews

Our interviews are aimed at getting to know you personally and at obtaining an impression of your problem solving skills. To ensure that these interviews are a success, you should be able to provide us with convincing reasons as to why you are the right candidate. Furthermore, you should familiarize yourself with how to solve case studies. We also recommend the interactive case-study online platform PrepLounge.

Helpful links to prepare for the case interviews:

Further hints for your preparation:

Case study