New E.ON strategy in Hungary

Strategy Hungary

Supporting the top management in developing the new strategy.

The project at a glance:

  • Objective: Develop the "Roadmap 2020" for E.ON Hungary
  • Client: E.ON Hungary
  • Location: Budapest
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Team: 3 consultants


The management had decided to scrutinize their strategy in view of the difficult and uncertain prevailing conditions. On top of the challenging dynamics in the energy business, Hungary was coming up to a general election which was going to have different effects on foreign investment depending on the outcome. 

Our approach

Through deeply involving the managing executives, ECON developed transparency regarding hugely different levels of awareness and opinions as to E.ON Hungary’s status quo, its own strengths and weaknesses and the strategic course. In this situation ECON did not define a central approach but rather contributed to ensuring that the management designed "its own" strategy – critically debating the options and arguing over their viability.

Strategy project Hungary
Strategy in Hungary - Budapest

The result

At the end of the project, a strategy was successfully drafted, that enjoyed the full support of the local management team. This strategy provides the platform for pursuing concrete measures and products depending on the future development of the prevailing political and regulatory conditions.

Strategy Hungary Thomas

Personal takeaway

“Managers from different functions often generate interesting ideas in a group setting which would not normally come to light in the common "silo mentality" often encountered in the daily line business. They realized that as a team – with their different opinions, experience and expertise – a lot can be achieved.”

Thomas, Principal

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