Transforming the grid

Project Transforming the Grid

Making the distribution network fit for the future.

Project at a glance:

  • Objective: Ensure the future viability of the grid operators
  • Client: E.ON Germany
  • Location: Germany – from Rendsburg to Regensburg
  • Duration: Initially 18 months, second phase: 12 months
  • Team: Up to 5 consultants on a regular rotation basis



The energy transition and increasing cost pressure are confronting the grid with huge challenges. For example, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’s northernmost state, renewable capacity already exceeds the maximum consumption load. Numerous cables, stations and connections need to be built to relay the power and grid operators must react even more quickly to customer demand.

Our approach

To prepare the grid operators for the new challenges, more than 1,000 grid employees were involved to identify improvement areas and define measures geared to achieving more efficient workflows, processes and interfaces. For the implementation, changing culture and behavior and understanding continuous improvement as a whole was a key element of the project. Training the grid managers, empowering them and helping them to implement the improvements was a key element for this change.

Das Netz transformieren

The result

Besides the optimization of workflows, processes and interfaces, great emphasis has been placed towards changing culture and behavior. Today, targets and performance indicators have been developed and are being discussed more openly. The approach has been very successful and a large number of managers from other grid operators have asked about our concept.

Transforming the grid

Personal takeaway

"My personal highlight from working on the grid project was definitely getting to know an area of E.ON where we hadn’t done many projects before - and being one of the first to find out more about E.ON’s strongest pillar. It was great to learn about the technical requirements for running gas and power grids. Furthermore, I got the chance to work with E.ON Avacon, one of our grid operators, and to develop partnerships with the municipalities, which are some of our main customers in this area. I particularly liked being able to leverage my knowledge from my former projects in the “customer first” area to ensure we also put our customers (the municipalities) first in the grid sector."

Julian, Senior Project Consultant


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