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Strengthen our position by developing new and innovative products for E.ON.


E.ON is undergoing a rapid transformation process - from supplying commodities to being an energy partner who puts the customer at the heart of its business. With new innovative energy-related products, such as smart home and on-site generation, we strive to make customers’ lives easier. Our CustomerFirst Excellence Initiative focuses on Innovation and Product Development. It sets up an approach for efficient development of promising customer solutions.

The project at a glance:

  • Objective: Boosting E.ON’s innovative busines
  • Client: E.ON Group Management
  • Location: Across all E.ON countries, based in Düsseldorf
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Team: 4 consultants


Project team innovation

Our approach

In order to boost our innovative business we focused on three things: 1. creating transparency on all current innovation initiatives across the group; 2. defining speedboats, which are prioritized innovation initiatives relevant for multiple regional businesses in our group; and 3. establishing mechanisms to share best practices within – but also outside of the group.

Project Innovation Excellence

The result

After the definition of speedboat initiatives, global resources and capabilities were allocated to drive the prioritized innovation topics forward. As a case in example, a new global product manager role for “Lighting Solutions” was set up. This global function enables us to drive the initiative, relevant for multiple regional businesses, forward in a very concentrated manner.

Projekt Innovation Excellence

Personal takeaway

“When you are looking at innovation, you need as wide buy-in as possible and to engage with every unit out there. This really lets you see how E.ON as a whole is. I saw eight of our regional units. This gave me a really great overview of the organization.
Personally, I grew with the responsibility to structure the work stream and steer it with a high degree of independence – in close relationship with the client.”

Hamish, Senior Project Consultant

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