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As part of the new solutions business, E.ON decided to turn E-Mobility into one of its key priorities and become a market leader. Ultra-fast charging (UFC) is a new charging infrastructure technology which presents the opportunity to completely restructure the E-Mobility market by alleviating anxiety caused by the currently limited range of the electric vehicles (EVs). This would turn EVs into a real alternative to diesel and petrol engines. To play a pivotal role in E-Mobility and become a turnkey solution provider, the head of E-Mobility wanted to explore whether ultra-fast charging was indeed an attractive market for E.ON and which role E.ON could play in this market.

The project at a glance:

  • Objective: Assess E.ON’s role and right to play in the world of ultra-fast charging
  • Client: E.ON Solutions GmbH
  • Location: Germany and Denmark
  • Duration: 16 months
  • Team: Up to 3 consultants
Project team innovation

Our approach

Working hand-in-hand with our Danish E-Mobility colleagues, we set up the UFC project to answer a number of key questions about this technology:

  • Why should we do this? Business case and strategic rationale
  • What will we do? Roll-out plan and story with which to approach funding schemes and partners
  • How can we operationalize the project? Preferred hardware, optimal sites, and design options

The ECON team was heavily involved in solving all of these questions - together with our E.ON colleagues throughout Europe, whereby we were partially in the driver’s seat and partially involved in coordinating efforts.

Project Innovation Excellence

The result

At the start of the project, UFC was an unknown and expensive technology in an immature market. Less than a year later, we are now on the brink of a multi-million-euro strategic decision to launch UFC across Europe, we have obtained EU subsidies, we are committing strong partners, and we are launching the first UFC pilot in Germany. We still have a long way to go but are on the verge of entering a serious new market that ECON has been part of right from day one: From its strategic inception to the actual implementation.


Personal takeaway

“Being part of the UFC team has provided me with insights into one of tomorrow’s immensely interesting business segments (which is getting rolling today) and allowed me to strategize with the best minds in the E-Mobility industry. Questions we have tackled together included why customers needed to charge their electric vehicles in 15-20 minutes, what would be needed to do so and how would we supply such an UFC solution to E.ON customers. Through my role in the project, I have had the opportunity to see strategy evolve into action, from the original idea to the pilot phase. I have not only mastered the challenges that arise when operationalizing a new business, but also seen the power of crowdsourcing knowledge from E.ON’s many regional units, from the Czech Republic to Denmark, with the joint goal of creating a better tomorrow.”

Katarina, Senior Consultant

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