Enhancing the PV & Battery Business

Project PV & Battery

ECON’s role in enhancing new business for PV & Battery solutions.


E.ON decided to enhance the business for individual energy solutions in order to position itself in the growing market of decentral energy production. This includes photovoltaic- and battery solutions enabling customers to produce and store their own solar power.

The project at a glance:

  • Objective: Develop target operating model for new PV & Battery business
  • Client: E.ON Germany
  • Location: Munich
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Team: 4 consultants 

Our approach

The enhancement of the existing photovoltaic business required an analysis of the market potential as well as the definition of a growth ambition. In order to enable the organization to deliver on this ambition, business operations need to be optimized and enhanced. ECON supported the financial analysis as well as the development and implementation of the target operating model.

Project PV & Battery
Ausbau des PV & Battery Geschäftes

The result

The PV & Battery business is one of the newest and innovative business areas for private customers. Together with the client, ECON developed and implemented a target operating model and laid the groundwork for E.ON to become a leading company in the area of photovoltaic and battery solutions. Most recently E.ON launched the Solar Cloud – a virtual storage solution helping customers to become more flexible.

Ausbau des PV & Battery Geschäftes

Personal takeaways

“Right from the start of the project I learned how important it is to remain calm in tight and critical project phases and to focus on the most important tasks. For the definition of the target operating model I often conducted interviews with the client organization. Here it was crucial to challenge existing structures and processes in order to identify the true potential for optimization. Seeing my own ideas and suggestions being implemented was extremely motivational.”

Max, Senior Project Consultant

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