In our projects, we solve the most difficult problems of the energy sector.

We are shaping the energy business of the future. Our strong team of around 100 consultants is involved in all the key projects and strategic challenges currently facing the E.ON Group. This means that we are part of the fundamental changes now taking place in the energy sector.

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Our project portfolio

Project portfolio

We directly support E.ON's management team, helping them to develop sustainable solutions to master the complex challenges posed by the energy market. E.ON's Board and leading executives entrust us with managing the topics most crucial to the Group - from initial strategy development to final implementation. We support the Group’s business units across all sectors - from generation to sales and grid operation.

Our projects are extremely diversified with respect to their scope, the business units involved, topics handled and project duration. Some projects last just six weeks – others up to 18 months in which case we ensure that our consultants are rotated every 6-9 months. Although the vast majority of our projects are usually located in the Rhine-Ruhr area, we are also active throughout Germany and Europe (e.g. in Great Britain, Sweden, Hungary and the Czech Republic).