Isabella's story

"Within my work at ECON I can apply my technical know-how with a strategic outlook."

Isabella, Project Manager
Why did you choose to join ECON as consultant?

I have been interested in the energy industry since I graduated from high school. This led me to embark upon a bachelor degree in nuclear engineering. As I was completing my studies, however, I realized that I did not only want to be technically knowledgeable but also able to make decisions at a strategic level. Energy consulting at ECON combines these two aspects extremely well.

So have you already had the chance to put your technical knowledge into a strategic perspective?

Yes, for instance in our latest consulting project we looked at how to improve customer journeys for the Distribution System Operators (DSOs). In this project I had the opportunity to combine my solid system understanding with the strategic relevance of customer satisfaction. As an energy provider, we need to understand that we are not only managing technical systems but also serving customers.

Given that you have been with ECON over two years, how would you describe its culture?

Trend-setting and diverse. Trend-setting because we are supporting E.ON to take those strategic decisions that are challenging the structures of the energy sector. Diverse because at ECON consultants come from many different cultural and career backgrounds - from Singapore to the US and from nuclear engineering to international development.

Project Manager Isabella
If you could master an additional skill, what would it be?

When I look at our senior management, I notice a persistent trait – the ability to engage people in a discussion. Being able to tell stories is a valuable asset - from winning a client to negotiating the boat fare on holiday. This is also an important topic in the ECON training program. I look forward to seeing myself develop this skill through trainings and coaching during projects.

What is the one thing that you would like to accomplish during your lifetime?

I would like to travel the Silk Road from Turkey to China. As a small kid I grew up hearing stories about the Silk Road and Marco Polo who originated in Venice near the city where I was born.

Project Manager Isabella

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