Richard's story

“With my work I can contribute to a more sustainable energy sector.”

Richard, Project Manager

Richard joined ECON after having spent several years working in policy making and international development – he has recently been promoted to Project Manager.

Tell us, what brought you to ECON to work as a consultant in the energy sector?

When I decided to join ECON, I had already spent over five years working in the field of policy making and international development for the British government and in Ghana respectively. At that point, I wanted to switch to the private sector but still work in a field relevant to society. I value the idea that I can contribute through my work to the transformation to a more sustainable energy sector. In that context, ECON represents a very good opportunity for me to impact an industry that is key to society, whilst further developing the transferable skillset I had previously acquired.

What supported your development in the last years at ECON?

In my three years at ECON, I feel I have learnt a lot both professionally and personally. In particular, I was part of the Junior Project Management Program, a development program that helped me with the transition to the Project Manager role. During this time, I have gained valuable experience on the job by taking responsibility for structuring and supervising projects and have received tailored coaching and training from more senior colleagues. In particular, I now understand better my impact on others: how my work, my approach and my attitude influence both my team and the client.

Can you give us an example of a really rewarding and impactful project?

I contributed to a project to enhance customer centricity in the company. We were seeking an effective way to incentivize the organization to become more customer focused and deliver real improvements for our customers. For this project, we had a very challenging client, an E.ON SE. Board member. Board members expect you to be really structured, effective and to the point when presenting results and recommendations. This was a great learning experience for me and in the end it was really exciting to see our recommendations approved and implemented, resulting in a big change for the organization.

Project Manager Richard
We heard that you are planning to take a two-month sabbatical?

Indeed, this summer I plan to take a sabbatical to cycle through Central Europe with my wife. We would like to go all the way from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean, using the time to travel slowly through a part of Europe that we do not yet know.

And are you sufficiently fit to accomplish your plan?

I hope so! For the third year in a row, I’m taking part in the Bonn half-marathon and I am also one of the core members of the ECON football team: We try to meet every second Sunday to play together and are planning to compete in a tournament against other consultancy firms later this year.

Project Manager Richard

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