Sebastian's story

"I contributed to my team from day one of my internship."

Senior Consultant Sebastian
Sebastian, Senior Consultant
You joined ECON as an intern after participating in the CaseMatch workshop. Tell us more about the CaseMatch.

I took part in the CaseMatch workshop in May 2014.The event offered the full package: an introduction to ECON, the current consulting projects and the people behind it, as well as an energy case where we put ourselves to the test. The event was fun and gave me a perfect glimpse of what it would be like to work as consultant at ECON. The students who did well in the CaseMatch were then invited to the interview day.

You then joined us as an intern. What did you like about your work?

That it was fun! But what makes me say that? First, I had ownership and responsibility as well as interactions with the client right from day one. Second, I was part of a great team with lots of entertaining team events. Third, I progressed along a steep personal development path - when I took time to reflect on the first and final weeks of my internship, I realized just how I had actually developed professionally.

Senior Consultant Sebastian
What made this development possible?

First, at the beginning of my internship I approached my Development Leader to discuss my personal learning ambitions in consulting. Second, the open feedback culture within my project team enabled me to reflect on my work on a continuous basis and helps to develop enormously.

What are you passionate about when you are not at work?

My greatest passion is following start-ups and thinking about innovative business ideas. Whenever I see a business opportunity, my friends and I immediately start to gather data for a possible business model and potential target groups in order to get a quick impression of the feasibility of the project.

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