Ralf's story

“I take the challenge to make customer experience at E.ON best in class.”

Principal Ralf
Ralf, Principal
Tell us, what brought you to ECON and back to consulting after spending a few years in the industry?

I wanted to continue focusing on customer experience. I feel that in consulting I can have more of an impact than in a line position as I work daily with great minds - sharing strategic thinking and making bold changes. At ECON, I can combine consulting with working internationally – and still maintain the balance with my family life.

What defines you and your career?

A balanced mixture of thorough planning and inspiration. During the course of my career, I have shifted from a controlling and quantitative perspective to a more creative perspective - customer experience and brand topics. My current project at ECON presents me with the opportunity to combine the soft and hard part of the customer experience by implementing customer journeys Customer journeys are key moments in a customer’s life with a company or an organisation. These journeys typically consist of a number of interactions or touch points between the customer and the company or organisation.designed based on customer feelings and measured using quantitative management tools.

And how do you inspire creativity in your team?

I try to expose my consulting team to concepts they have hopefully never seen before - from arts to business models - which they can apply in their daily work. They can let themselves be inspired by these to take a different perspective. In a recent design workshop in Sweden, we remodelled a meeting room to reflect a house move experience: Just a few chairs, lots of moving boxes and pizza for lunch.

Principal Ralf
What are your passions outside the work sphere?

Coffee and bikes – a great day for me is to go biking for a few hours in the mountains and then sit down to a perfect cup of coffee. I have also already refurbished two mountain bikes and two coffee machines. I find manual work very relaxing in contrast to the brainwork I do in business.

What is your next goal/ item on the bucket list?

I actually have two: I want to be a bike messenger for one year and also I want to learn how to fly a helicopter. As I mentioned previously, I have a passion for biking. Since the age of 12, I have always wanted to be a bike messenger for at least one summer – the chicken season for bike messengers, I know. My parents were not fond of this idea. I hope to get the chance to fulfill my wish someday. Learning how to fly a helicopter is more of a dream than something near realization. But if I had the time and the money, I would definitely go for it.

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