Arne's story

“I drive forward the development of ECON and build trustful and long lasting relationships with my clients.”

Principal Arne
Arne, Principal

Arne joined ECON after finished his studies at Technical University of Dortmund - he has recently been promoted to Principal and is currently driving E.ON’s PV & Battery business forward together with the client.

What is your work as a consultant about?

I started as a Project Consultant right after finishing university and until today I have been working at E.ON Inhouse Consulting (now more than six years). Recently, I was promoted to Principal. It is my job to deliver impactful results for the E.ON Group, whilst developing the consultants in my teams. In addition, I drive forward the development of ECON and build trustful and long lasting relationships with my clients going beyond the actual project assignment.

What do you like about working as an inhouse consultant?

For me, working as an inhouse consultant brings together three aspects: First, I learn state of the art consulting methods and procedures similar to external consulting and second, develop specific knowledge about a specific company (E.ON) and industry (energy). Third, I get direct feedback whether my own concepts and ideas are feasible in practice, since I am close to what is happening at E.ON.

Principal Arne
What do you like most about being a consultant at E.ON Inhouse Consulting?

In the first place of course our team. I did not only meet very friendly colleagues but I also made new friends. I like the open and cooperative atmosphere in which we as inhouse consultants shape E.ON’s future together with our clients. As the energy world faces a lot of changes and development right now, I cannot imagine a more interesting position than a job within E.ON.

What did you do before joining ECON?

I studied industrial engineering, specializing in industrial management, at the Technical University of Dortmund. In addition to my studies, I got to know different operations and companies through several internships, including most importantly, the energy sector and also the E.ON Group.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I spend my free time with friends or family and try to relax by playing sports or reading an interesting book or spend my time sailing.

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