We are new energy
 We are new energy

We are new energy

Welcome to tomorrow

Electric vehicles that provide power for your home. Neighbours who share electricity generation. The new energy world has no limits. And we want to be your partner, every step of the way.

Welcome to tomorrow
Electromobility at E.ON

Step into the future of electric vehicles

The future of mobility is here - and the driving force is electric. We can make your move into electric vehicles easy, with individual products and product support, charging stations, maintenance and billing systems. We offer an all-round service and have the right solution for every need.

#onedaywith Jessica Schreiber

Jessica's mission: network stability

Life (and electricity) is live. Discover a day in the life of Jessica Schreiber.


#onedaywith Peder Berne

The Integrator

Experience Hyllie, the smart city of tomorrow.

#onedaywith Danny Morgan

Let there be light

Danny Morgan talks about solution management at E.ON

#onedaywith Frank Scholtka

Howdy, Texas!

Renewable energy in the land of unlimited possibilities. 

Our solar experts on site

The sky’s the limit

Energy freedom can be limitless - and the outlook is sunny. But what goes into getting your home set up for solar? We followed our expert installation team as they assess a customer’s home.

We're travelling sustainably

We're on the path to sustainability - join us!

Mindful, responsible, profitable

Sustainable management means more than just a responsible approach to using resources. After all, increased efficiency adds value for all of us - whether customers, employees, shareholders, business partners or social stakeholders.

Think ahead

A new energy world is emerging. At E.ON, our business is completely focused on a future that is decentralised, green and networked.

We are tech nerds!

From :agile to our R&D lab

E.ON's corporate accelerator and incubator, :agile, supports young business ideas. Each project receives individual support, including financial resources, coaching, engineering expertise and work spaces - as well as advice on marketing and sales.
Have a business idea?

:agile unterstützt junge Geschäftsideen
Engineering-Expertise am Energy Research Center der RWTH