Mannstaedt, the Troisdorf-based manufacturer of hot-rolled special steel profiles, will in future use the waste heat from its production facilities to feed it into its own heat supply network. The ramp-up of the hydrogen economy in Germany is slowing down – even if the overall positive development continues. This is shown by the third H2-Bilanz published today by E.ON based on data from the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne (EWI). The cooling requirements for the Heidelberg University campus "Im Neuenheimer Feld" will increase significantly over the next few years. A "Target Concept 2030" drawn up by the University Hospital predicts that the cooling capacity will almost double by 2030. E.ON continued its successful growth path in the third quarter of 2023. Both segments – Energy Networks and Customer Solutions – increased their operating earnings compared with the prior-year period.