Hydrogen: The biggest hope for the energy industry?

What is the most common chemical element in our universe and currently the subject of controversy? Exactly: hydrogen, which as H2 is also a component of water and all existing organic compounds.

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Audi and E.ON put Europe's largest PV roof system into operation

• Joint PV project implemented in Hungary
• 35,000 solar modules installed on logistics centers in Győr

Together with E.ON, Audi has built a solar park on the roofs of two logistics centers at its Hungarian site in Győr on an area of [...]


E.ON CFO to advise EU Commission on Sustainable Finance

E.ON, represented by CFO Marc Spieker, has been appointed as a member of the Platform on Sustainable Finance. The Platform, made up of experts from the public as well as private sector, will act as central advisory body to [...]


The new face to Europe’s Commodity markets: E.ON successfully [...]

Today marks a significant milestone in the integration of innogy into the new E.ON: On October 1st, the newly built E.ON Energy Markets GmbH (EEM) successfully entered the market as the groups new Market Facing Entity for energy sourcing [...]


Digital and open to all: E.ON Energy Innovation Days 2020

How will we generate our energy in the future? How are e-mobility, smart homes and quantum computers changing an industry that is moving towards carbon neutrality and greater sustainability? More than 60 experts will be discussing these and [...]


20 years of E.ON: From a conglomerate to the backbone of the [...]

The E.ON Group turns 20 years old this year. The company, which was formed in June 2000 from the merger of the two large conglomerates, VEBA and VIAG, is now one of the world's largest private energy companies, with a clear focus on shaping the [...]


Mobile storage for more renewable energy in E.ON networks

• E.ON starts implementation phase of the EU project IElectrix
• First mobile energy storage system of the project connected in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany
• Project volume of €10.7 million [...]


E.ON calls for more courage with solar power in Germany

“If we want to achieve the ambitious climate targets at EU level and also in Germany, the energy transition must finally make its way into the city. Photovoltaics on multi-family and apartment buildings as well as on commercial and industrial [...]


E.ON supports tightened EU-Climate-Targets

“We welcome Ursula von der Leyen's initiative to reduce greenhouse emissions within the EU by 55 percent by 2030. The EU is thus demonstrating its leading role within the international community and is clearly committed to ..." [...]


E.ON takes process steam generator in the Netherlands into operation

Highly efficient utilization of production off gases

E.ON has built and now commissioned a process steam generator for Dow Benelux in Terneuzen, Netherlands. [...]


Green electricity from geothermal energy for Bavaria

• E.ON saves 4000 tons of CO2 annually
• Expansion of the Kirchweidach geothermal plant by a modular power plant

The geothermal plant in Kirchweidach, Bavaria, will in future not only generate heat but also green electricity.


E.ON is a member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

• E.ON further expands commitment to green gas
• Bundled know-how should make a valuable contribution to achieving the climate targets
• Company already has numerous projects in the field of hydrogen [...]

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Keith Haring, 
Untitled, 1982
© Keith Haring Foundation

The Keith Haring exhibition at the Museum Folkwang in Essen

From 21 August to 29 November with the support of E.ON

E.ON is continuing its long-standing tradition of art sponsorship by supporting the Museum Folkwang in Essen in the realization of a major exhibition by the famous US artist Keith Haring (1958-1990). A retrospective of his works, which today seems more topical than ever, has been on display since 21 August 2020.

Haring's dancing figures, barking dogs, and flying saucers with which the American artist made his activist messages clear to everyone are unmistakable. His style originated in the dynamics of the time which was characterized by the club culture of the underground, space travel, robotics, and video games.

21 August – 29 November 2020

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