Electrifying your journey

We are not only live when it comes to power generation and energy supply. We are your partner to help you and your company succeed in the developing world of emobility.

Discover how we are taking you on the road to an emission-free future. With large investments, visionary ideas and sustainable solutions.

E.ON Drive

The future of energy today

Electrifying cool and warmly recommended. Take a look at tomorrow's energy today, with innovative power products and individual offers at reasonable prices.

Do you want to save on heating costs or a reliable power supply? Can we support you in producing clean solar power or with intelligent energy management? Whether this is for your home, business or an entire community - start your energy transition now!

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Gorillaz Collaboration

Creative sounds from renewable energy sources

Take a look at what sounds incredibly good and experience how the coolness of the Gorillaz harmonizes with the sun and its incredible energy.

Get heat from thin air

Get heat from thin air

Discover a new world of heating

Solar sound machines

Solar sound machines

Making music in a caravan? A music studio as a home? Definitely the perfect combination of green energy and fresh beats.

Freedom is Electric

Freedom is Electric

Find out how E.ON is setting the electric car free

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