Image: E.ON Regions

Sustainability in our regions

In the section entitled “Regional Activities”, you can read about our business activities and our related sustainability performance in different countries. In addition to the facts and figures, we have presented selected examples which demonstrate how we act on and live by our responsibility in each local context.

E.ON is one of the world’s largest private suppliers of electricity and gas. In 2014 eleven regional units managed our operating business in Europe. Russia is another unit, and we also have operations in Brazil and Turkey. The regional units are responsible for managing our national sales operations and regional energy networks as well as local distributed and centralized generation. The size of the market and our business activities vary by region. For example, in Sweden we are involved in every aspect of the value chain, whereas in other countries we focus exclusively on operating power plants. There are also differences in the legal and cultural environments.

The “Regional Activities” section provides information that supplements the E.ON sustainability report.