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ESG facts & figures

Measurable economically, socially and environmentally relevant indicators are a basic requirement in enabling us to evaluate our progress in implementing our projects and strategies. Standardised indicators from the areas of Environment, Social Responsibility, and Governance & Integrity (ESG) are gaining in particular importance in the capital market for evaluating companies.

Our performance in terms of sustainability has therefore been represented for a number of years using ESG indicators.

In selecting our KPIs we use meaningful reporting standards, such as the third generation of ESG KPIs from the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) and the German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management (Deutsche Vereinigung für Finanzanalysten – DVFA). These core non-financial indicators are valid across Europe and also include sector-specific criteria. We remain one of the few companies in Germany to offer standardized ESG key indicators. In our annual sustainability report we are also guided by the guidelines of the "Global Reporting Initiative" (GRI) and report our water and CO2 figures to the "Carbon Disclosure Project" (CPD).

These measures are intended to improve the comparability of our reporting activities and make ESG information more easily accessible to financial analysts.

On the subpages you will find a compact overview of the ESG KPIs and a list of the data from the 2015 reporting year. Please note that the figures indicated here refer to the period prior to operational seperation of E.ON and Uniper. They thus include all E.ON operations, including the operations transferred to Uniper in 2016. A final decision about the spin-off will be made by our shareholders at the annual shareholders' meeting in June 2016.

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