Image: E.ON Solar-team

Finding our place in the sun

The solar industry is changing. E.ON has responded: our solar team provides individually tailored solutions. We know what makes sense for our customers. We also have a lot of ideas in the pipeline, so customers can look forward to some interesting offerings in the future.

Image: Galloway under a line

Controlling vegetation, creating natural habitats

The electricity networks of our regional distribution companies in Germany extend from the North Sea to the Bavarian alps. One of our responsibilities is to trim vegetation and trees to keep them a safe distance from our lines, thereby helping to ensure reliable electricity service. We do this in a way that promotes biodiversity.

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Image: Building Offshore windfarm Armumbank West

Climate-friendly power from the North Sea

Located about 35 kilometers north of Helgoland island is Arumbank West offshore wind farm. Since October 2015, its 80 turbines have been producing climate-friendly power. The project was an important milestone in our offshore wind business and a great learning opportunity. It reminded us that it’s essential to address environmental issues thoroughly.

Image: E.ON Energy Globe Award

Rewarding creativity

In the Czech Republic we confer the E.ON Energy Globe Award to people and organizations with good ideas for reducing energy consumption.

Image: E.ON SolarProfis

The E.ON SolarProfis

Solar panels need regular maintenance. The E.ON SolarProfis are there to provide it.

Image: Smart City Malmoe

Tomorrow’s cities

Our Sweden regional unit has many years of experience
helping cities become more sustainable.
Our partnerships help Sweden remain at the
forefront of sustainability.

Image: Raptor

Safer for birds

Power lines pose a serious danger to birds. In Slovakia we’ve been working for more than ten years to make our lines bird-friendlier.

Image: Compass

Putting sustainability into action

E.ON’s three core businesses – renewables, energy networks, and innovative customer solutions – are geared toward sustainable growth.

Image: Sustainability report

Reporting our progress

Our 2015 Sustainability Report provides more information about the steps we took and the progress we made in improving our environmental, social, and governance performance.

Image: Display

Tracking our progress

We use a range of standardized key figures to report on our environmental, social, and governance performance.

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More information

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