Image: E.ON employees in wind park

Sustainability at E.ON

The energy industry is changing. That creates opportunities as well as risks for our company. This report describes the main challenges we face and the progress we’ve made.

Image: Construction works offshore (Amrumbank West)

A better balance

E.ON is enhancing its competitiveness by downsizing its conventional generation fleet and growing its portfolio of low-cost, high-efficiency renewables.

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Image: hydroelectric power plant

Vital fluid

Water is a strategic resource in the energy industry, which is why we always use it responsibly.

Image: Smart display

Listening to our customers

Surveys show that customers’ loyalty to E.ON is increasing. We think one reasons is that we’re using new dialog formats – like complaints forums and online chats – to listen to our customers more carefully.

Image: Solar plant Pellworm

Success story: making an island energy-autonomous

E.ON has made the energy future a reality on Pellworm, an island in the North Sea. The project uses an innovative energy management system to analyze consumption, production, and meteorological data to forecast the island’s energy needs.

Image: Ad campaigne Enerji Almanya

Turkish-German supply company

Success story: Enerji Almanya, Turkish for “German Energy,” went from idea to launch in just six months. It provides energy service to Turkish families and businesses in Germany and offers a 100-percent Turkish customer experience.

Image: Container of E.ON Off Grid Solutions

Clean power for Africa

Success story: E.ON is helping a small village in Tanzania be more energy-autonomous. A solar-battery hybrid system we installed there in November 2014 supplies renewable electricity to 46 homes.

Image: Trading floor

The whole picture

Our carbon footprint measures the carbon emissions along our entire value chain, from our suppliers to end-customers.

Image: Construction works

Building long-term relationships

We manage the relationships with our key suppliers and seek to build and maintain long-term relationships with them.

Image: E.ON in Dialog


Our stakeholder dialog ranges from information events to involvement in our decision-making processes.

Image: Jørgen Kildahl, member of the Board of Management of E.ON SE

Executives explain

Jørgen Kildahl and Johannes Teyssen talk about the measurable targets we aim to achieve and what role sustainability plays in our new strategy.

Image: Bull and bear

Measuring our performance

We use a range of informative key figures to report on our environmental, social, and governance performance.

Image: Charts printed

2014 condensed report

The condensed version of our Sustainability Reports provides a brief overview of our sustainability accomplishments.

Image: Knobs in an engine room

What’s material?

Our sustainability reporting focuses on those aspects along our value chain that are particularly relevant to us and our stakeholders. We determine these aspects through a systematic materiality analysis.

Image: Stamp

Stamp of approval

PwC audited substantial parts of our 2014 Sustainability Report.

Image: Connections

Reporting standards

Our sustainability reporting is based on the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 guidelines.

Image: tree

Adding value through sustainability

Our sustainability activities aim to improve our profitability, make us more attractive to employees, and enhance our reputation.

Image: Map

Sustainability in our communities

Our sustainability activities at the regional level are many and varied. They all seek to make a positive difference in our neighbors’ lives.