Chairman of the E.ON AG works council passed away after long illness

Last Friday, the chairman of the E.ON AG works council and E.ON AG employee representative on the supervisory board Wolf-Rüdiger Hinrichsen died after a long and difficult illness. Hinrichsen joined the then VEBA AG in 1982, and was finally engaged as manager of the Political Affairs & Corporate Communications sector of E.ON AG. After his first candidacy as a member of the works council in 1990 he was selected as president of the committee; a post that he always fulfilled with commitment, passion and competence. The activities of the E.ON AG works council have carried the mark of Wolf-Rüdiger Hinrichsen for two decades. Since 1998, Hinrichsen also represented the interests of employees in the supervisory board of E.ON AG. In 2005/2006 he took on the additional responsibility of employee representation within the Group as chairman of the Group works council and the European works council. With the death of Wolf-Rüdiger Hinrichsen, E.ON loses an outstanding personality that has played a key role in helping to shape the culture and the development of our company over the last 20 years and more. He always campaigned for the interests of employees with commitment and passion, but never lost sight of what was actually possible. This has led to recognition and particular esteem from not only the workforce and management, but also from members of the Board and from within the supervisory board. “The death of Wolf-Rüdiger Hinrichsen is a painful loss for us all. Our particular sympathy over the next few days goes to his family”, wrote CEO Johannes Teyssen in a letter to the E.ON AG employees yesterday.